artvertising & indie films.

not just another creative production house.

We are married to feature films, but we fell in love with advertising. And like in real life, we don’t want to choose between the husband or the lover. Therefore Smarthouse develops, produces and distributes crossover feature films and arthouse commercials.



We believe in art in advertising in order to create advertising that resonates, triggers, or just simply makes you laugh. Why bother watching an ad if it’s bullshit? That’s why we aim to make aesthetic and engaging stories that are worth your time.


Commercial Arthouse

The feature films and docs we do are worth fighting for. There are already so many films out there, that we have to make a difference in the stories we bring to the world. Smarthouse films are crossover films that work internationally and are maker driven. Commercial arthouse! 'Cause if we would have to do another romcom, we’d rather do a commercial.

The Smarties

We are a team of dedicated film fanatics, creative designers and seasoned producers. We feed the creative ambitions of our directors to develop and visualise their stories and goals, in both advertising and cinema. Smarthouse is founded by Danielle Guirguis.

some of our clients





Founder and proud smartie owner. With a background in marketing she was responsible for the marketing & pr for Paul Verhoeven's Zwartboek. Growing into the world of feature film production she was an executive producer on Reinout Oerlemans' Komt een Vrouw bij de Dokter and Antoinette Beumer's De gelukkige Huisvrouw and produced Maria Peters' De groeten van Mike and Dave Schram's Razend and Spijt. She is always looking for new ways to expand her passion for filmmaking. After launching the commercial side of Smarthouse, there is no stopping Miss Guirguis. But when shit does hit the van, she just needs to vacuum clean a room or two and she's good to go again. 



Michelle aka Mies aka Set Animal. The youngest smartie of the bunch. During her study Media, Information and Communication she started as a Smarthouse intern and basically never left. With her internships for both FATT Productions and Smarthouse Films she learned the ways of feature film production. Multi operational Miss Huveneers; Michelle at the office, Mies in her spare time and Set Animal... well on set. 


Anouk Scheffens

Anouk Scheffens Production Smartie @ Smarthousefilms


She’s on fire, wherever, whenever. Breathing production, this organizing wizard started her career as production coordinator and manager for numerous feature films as “Tuintje in mijn Hart” and series like “Dokter Deen” and “Flikken Maastricht”. She's the kinda gal that loves schedules, callsheets and calling in general. She’s the embodiment of working hard, playing hard, cause as soon as it’s a wrap, be sure to drink one or two with this party queen!




There is something about Smarthouse and all-rounders. That is why Daan is not only one of our smart writers, she is also watching over our talent and watching out for new ones. After studying Film at the University of Utrecht, Daan architected her all round career in the film industry, (Netherlands Film Festival, CineMart at International Film Festival Rotterdam, Motel Films, Fortissimo and Head of Talent at the Binger Filmlab) before she settled down as a writer and script coach. So if you think you got the smartfactor, Daan really enjoys chocolate cake and white wine while she’s reading your new project.



Without this man chaos emerges. Shekhar is thé financial handy man. He knows film and he knows finance, but most important he knows Smarthouse. It’s safe to say that this guy is there when you need him. If not for saving us from the admin wormhole, then for spinning some funky tunes as DJ Chique Benitez.