Looking for a smart ass intern!

Smarthouse is looking for THE perfect, hard working, do it all, independent production intern. Yep; a millennial with only the good stuff of the tales that go around about this generation.

smarthouse films intern looking

The film set is your second nature, you know all the different homo sapiens by heart and know how to approach them. Freek Fonk, ain’t got nothing on you. Like a Border Collie you herd the unleashed extras to the right place, no fences needed when you’re around.

We are ahead of our shooting schedule (probably because of your positive energy). You hear the walkie cracking,, kgg.. kggg.. kggggggg and before the 1st AD can ask you if lunch can be served early, you already gave the answer. But most important, you know who’s the boss on set and you’ll charm this Alfa by bringing the perfect Laté-Frapéchino-Machiato, with milk from a unicorn imported from a different universe.

You’re always on the move, but you always move with grace. Cause stress is like pure nitro for your brain, right? If a rare moment appears where you suddenly have nothing to do, you grab your phone and like a semi-professional photographer you take some epic set pics and post them on our social media with smart ass captions. Because of your witty way of using words, humor and hashtags, we’ve become insta-famous since you joined the team.

That’s right. Creative and top notch organizing skills. You can do everything and if you can’t you will learn it instantly. Like a true millennial you suffer from severe FOMO, hence you are curious about all stages of the wonderful world of film / commercial making. You love being on set, but you make the real magic happen in the office. A pink one-man-submarine? No problemo. Setting of fireworks from a drone? Sure. A transport schedule for 38 people, of which 12 have a different call time, live in 9 different cities and somewhere we have to pick up a horse? Give me one minute.

And finally, you breath film, you use your Cineville card more than your toothbrush, vomit film quotes like Gilles de la Tourette and your BFF is Martin Scorsese. Or Martin Koolhoven...

You probably think: Hey, that’s me! Send an email to: with the subject: THE PERFECT INTERN! Resumé, a bit of motivation, oh well: you know the drill.






In the light of Smarthouse Films’ coming release of the feature film La Holandesa on April 26th, Wieden + Kennedy’s creative accelerator ‘The Kennedys’ developed the film poster, teaser and loglines. The creative kit will be launched today for the European premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam on January 26th.

Smarthouse’s founder and producer of the film Danielle Guirguis is super excited by this unique opportunity to work with the seven multitalented Kennedy’s under the directions of Creative Director and Chief Talent Alvaro Sotomayor and Producer Judd Caraway.

Normally I work for agencies, now they work for me! Brilliant! La Holandesa is a road movie set in Chile, about a woman (Rifka Lodeizen) whose chance encounter with a Chilean trucker’s young son turns into an epic adventure across Chile’ s breath-taking landscapes, and down a road of discovery. Yes it’s a road movie. But we wanted to underline the power of her instead of her trip, and to show some of the balls she demonstrates in the movie. The poster and teaser show a powerhouse on the move. I love it.”

The film world-premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Screen International called La Holandesa “A scenic picaresque (…) marks a promising debut.”

The film is an all women project: directed by Marleen Jonkman, written by Daan Gielis and produced by Danielle Guirguis. Gusto Entertainment will release the film in Dutch cinemas on April 26th

Alvaro Sotomayor (W+K): We love working with as many talented people as possible, and we love meeting our neighbours and finding ways to collaborate and learn together. Arthouse productions are made by such groups of talented individuals. Our Amsterdam neighbours were brave enough to bet their heart into their passions. We are honoured to have had this opportunity to partner up with the future of Dutch cinema’s.




You're gonna hear us roarrr!! La Holandesa European Premiere at IFFR!

🐯 🎉 Happy and proud as can be to announce that LA HOLANDESA (international title MESSI AND MAUD) will have its European premiere at International Film Festival Rotterdam - IFFR LIVE! Which means that not only our film will shine in Rotterdam on Friday 26th of January during the festival, but it will screen in more than 50 other cinemas all over the globe at the same time. #so2018 #tigerlicious #LaHolandesafilm #MessiAndMaud #IFFR#roarrr

learn more on IFFR.COM



Nummer achttien receives development funding from the Dutch Film Fund!

Nummer achttien (Number eighteen), an autobiographic art film by artist Guido van der Werve, received development funding for De Verbeelding program! De Verbeelding is a collaboration between the Dutch Film Fund and the Mondriaan Fund that aims to push and at the same time balance the boundaries of cinematography and visual arts. Read more about it here (in Dutch).

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5,7 million views on FB for new work in Dubai!

With smartie director Roel Boorsma we created a documercial for Nomads Dubai and Dubai’s biggest advertiser the Majid Al Futtaim Group. It’s an ode to the working mom! Within two weeks the film had over 5,7 million views on Facebook, 55.000 likes and was shared over 11.000 times. 

Even though it’s far more common than before for Dubai women to have a job, it’s still a different case when it comes to working moms. But this real (!) modern family shows their pride and support for their hard-working mom by creating a moment together with a special surprise. 

Check out the response on

#momentstogether #togethertakeaway

Majid Al Futtaim Smarthouse



Congratzz Ruben van Leer! 3 times finalist at Ciclope festival

Shout out to our Smartie Director Ruben van Leer! His short film The Boxer - You Don't Know Opera became long form finalist at this year's Ciclope Festival in 3 categories; cinematography (Paul Özgür), editing (Wouter van Luijn & Amber Hooijmans) and writing (Ruben van Leer & Johnny Bang Reilly).

'Ciclope Festival is the international event fully dedicated to the “craft” in moving image. In the last few years, it has become a platform for directors, creatives, artists, producers, digital creatives and clients to share knowledge, be inspired and celebrate the best work.' Read more on





La Holandesa world premieres at TIFF!

We are so so so proud to announce that La Holandesa will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)!!! The festival takes place from 7 to 17th of September and La Holandesa will premiere at the 10th of September. Be sure to visit when around!

La Holandesa already received a very special review of TIFF's executive director Michèle Maheux, read it here!

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The diary of ... Ruben van Leer

Recently our very own 'artist in film' Ruben van Leer joined the Smarthouse roster and immediately left his mark by creating the beautiful and colorful TVC and online campaign 'Dit Wil Ik Weken' for INDIE for Tele2.

Interested in his whereabouts the coming months? Check his diary here!




New music video!

Today is a good day because our brand new music video for Tom Martin is finally released! Directed by our very own Ivan Barbosa and the vocals are from Isabèl Usher. Check it here right now! What a beauty isn't it? ;)



The diary of ....... Bill Tanaka

Recently creative duo Bill Tanaka joined Smarthouse Films following the credo 'more rock & roll for the Bills!'

Bill Tanaka (Brian Hill and Jeroen Bont) created the TVC and print campaign Unlimited Madness of T-Mobile for Anomaly. Curious how they're spending their summer? Check their diary!


Bill Tanaka



Artist in film Ruben van Leer goes Smarthouse

Ruben van Leer, who directed the mesmerizing film You Don’t Know Opera (for the National Opera in The Netherlands) and the space-opera film Symmetry (shot in CERN, the world’s biggest particle accelerator), has set himself for a commercial career. Smarthouse Films is proud to welcome him to their roster.

Ruben van Leer is an artist in film with a predilection for music, dance, science and technology. A combination that leads to a very own, intrusive style, that centralises the beauty of the moving image in communication. Constantly looking for innovation in a multidisciplinary approach. For the latest edition of the Holland Festival he created a VR-installation as part of the performance Sacred Environment in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw.

Guirguis: ‘Ruben’s work stands out. Not only because of its quality and intelligence, but foremost because his recklessness. When his autonomous spirit works within the boundaries of a client’s brand values, a ground-breaking film arises that stands out, like the campaign for the National Opera. He triggers my film heart by challenging boundaries of genres, styles and narrative forms. And for that same reason, he is featured by blogs as Nowness, Wired and Vice Creators.’

Van Leer responds: ‘As a director I try to raise questions with my work. Danielle complements my artistic questions with smart production insights. I’ve found a Dutch partner in her team, strong and open minded, ready to cross boundaries; from (sm)arthouse feature films to cross-media commercials and everything in between. I feel this new explorative energy vibrating at Smarthouse and look forward to a special collaboration.’


About Ruben

Ruben van Leer graduated from the Sandberg Art Institute and the Netherlands Film Academy and studied film at the Art Institute in San Francisco. He started his career working for visual production studio V Squared Labs in Los Angeles  (with clients like Coldplay, Jay-Z, Heineken and McAfee), directed music videos and collaborated as visual artist with the likes of the Black Eyed Peas, Bas Bron (De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig) and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

Van Leer’s sci-fi dance-opera film Symmetry (shot inside CERN, the world’s largest particle accelerator in Switzerland) won ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Visual Effects’ at San Francisco Dance Film Festival, and 9 other international awards. The Boxer won ‘Best Documentary’ in the category Short Film at Sydney World Film Festival and premiered online on the Nowness channel. A short version of You Don’t Know Opera was used for the campaign of the National Opera in The Netherlands.


Check Out His work HERE