Smarthouse Films is no longer just a feature film and documentary production company. Petra Keijser and Danielle Guirguis recently launched a branded films division. Here we produce commercials, online content, music video's and cool stuff other people don't know what to do with. 

We proudly present our eight directors: Anne de Clercq, Roel Boorsma, Stephane Kaas and Morgan Knibbe have a background in feature film or documentary. Igor Teuwen is our directing designer, Olivier Self and Maurice Heesen are directing photographers and Willem de Beukelaer is the one and only stunting director. They all come from different backgrounds, they all think differently. Together we are Smarthouse. 

Petra and Danielle met at Burning Man 2008. They share the same taste, love for life and beauty. Petra is highly experienced as producer of commercials, feature films and events. Besides, she is a passionate beekeeper. Danielle has a marketing background in feature film and moved into financing, development and production of films as well as teaching spinning classes.