Smarthouse successfully serviced the production of the new film from Francesco Munzi, Black Souls (Anime Nere).

The film, written by Munzi and Maurizio Braucci, writer of the highly acclaimed maffia film Gomorra chose Amsterdam as its location for the opening scenes of the film.

In the film, three brothers from the Aspromonte region in Calabria are not affiliated with the mighty and deadly ‘ndrangheta organization but are involved in numerous and widespread criminal activities. The infernal journey of the three protagonists traces an ever widening path of blood and violence throughout Italy and spreads within the family as well outside. The culprits are also the victims of an ancient archaic evil, born from within the bowels of the Aspromonte.

This is the third film of Francesco Munzi, whose previous films were selected for both Cannes and Venice. For the scenes in Amsterdam, producer Cinemaundici invited Carlos Bardem for a special appearance.