Netflix' hit serie Trailer Park Boys went to Europe... and it got messy. 7 Countries. 3 Trailer Park Boys. 2 episodes in Amsterdam. And a shit load of trouble!! We at Smarthouse got the honor of cleaning up after them. Friday the 28th of October, the boys will be on Netflix with their new season Trailer Park Boys Out of The Park: Europe.

In just 2 episodes they turned Amsterdam into their own trailer park. Want to see what happened? Check the episodes 7 and 8 of the new season! We showed them some of our finest Dutch culture... Walking around in wooden shoes, tasting some of our finest homegrown herbs and some sweet loving from somewhat scantily dressed ladies. If they did anything illegal, pretend you didn't read this.

Trailer park boys is a canadian mockumentary about the misadventures of a group morally questionable trailer park residents. They already made 10 seasons and 3 movies. Trailer park boys out of the park: Europe will be there 11th season. So get some liquor and let the binge watching begin...